The Age of Digital Security: Secura and the Evolution of Security Companies in South Africa

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South Africans are safer with security technology that delivers efficient armed response service delivery. As crime statistics rise and fall, the peace of mind knowing that one’s safety needs are covered is priceless. But, having instant access to the best armed response security companies doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Here’s how Secura, in partnership with the best security companies in South Africa, is adapting traditional security for the digital age to curb crime.

Private Security Companies vs. Police Intervention

South Africans continue to turn to private security companies for their protection in 2022 as increasing displeasure with police services ripples across the country. A recent report from the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) outlines the obstacles the South African police force currently faces, as well as their inability to protect South African citizens during the crisis of July 2021. These factors, among others, form a growing list of reasons why South Africans distrust police intervention to curb crime statistics. 

Private security companies aim to answer South Africa’s calls for superior safety services through the integration of groundbreaking technology. Furthermore, promises of exceptional customer service appeal to citizens that dissociate themselves from police services. However, private security companies may not have the technological infrastructure to offer solutions that are as efficient as South Africans wish them to be. That is where partnerships between private security companies and leading armed response technology providers can bridge the gap. 

Traditional Armed Response Services vs. Secura’s Modern Security Solution

There is a distinct difference between traditional armed response services and Secura’s streamlined security solution. 

Traditionally, individuals can receive protection from armed response companies within specific areas if they have signed up for their services. This approach, although connecting citizens to the best security companies in South Africa, limits an individual’s area of protection. Therefore, individuals would need multiple memberships for protection country-wide, an exceptionally costly endeavour. Furthermore, individuals run the risk of not having access to efficient private security responses in areas that they are not covered for.

That is where Secura comes in. Secura’s security solution, powered by AURA, has been referred to as the ‘uberization’ of armed response. Launched as a panic button and developed further to incorporate a mobile panic app that can be downloaded from Google Play, the App Store, or Huawei AppGallery for as little as R49 per month, Secura’s geo-security platform is the ultimate armed response device in your pocket. 

Using innovative Google Maps-based technology, the Secura Mobile App can connect citizens to the best security companies in South Africa at the push of a button. Partnering with several top private security companies, Secura ensures that South Africans receive support from a security team that is closest to their location. 

For these reasons, South Africans can access emergency response wherever they are in the country and at any time. This removes the need to join multiple security companies directly, saving you money and giving you access to all the best armed response providers in the country wherever you activate your panic app from.

How Secura Curbs Crime Statistics

The second quarter crime statistics for 2021/22 from SAPS reveal several increases in severe crime compared with the previous year. Murder rates have risen a staggering 20,7% on the previous year and carjacking is up 3,5%. 

Secura aims to combat all severe crimes by providing the most efficient and effective private security response solution on the market. The Secura mobile app also provides one of the most affordable means to comprehensive family security coverage by connecting up to five members at a significant discount. Furthermore, being completely mobile means that individuals can tap into the powerful security solution to reduce the risk of carjackings. Secura also provides essential safety tips to protect yourself from hijacking using the reliable mobile panic app. 

Business owners also turn to Secura to protect their most valuable assets, including their employees and resources. For example, a statistical decrease concerning robbery at non-residential premises is likely a result of companies clamping down on their security protocols. One such strategy to follow suit and reduce the risks associated with this crime statistic is to partner with Secura. Many of Secura’s business clientele are protecting their business premises with Secura Business

2022 Safety Goals Covered

South African citizens around the country can harness the benefits of Secura to stay on top of their goals this year. Whether you are travelling around the country, working from home, cycling in South Africa, or driving to and from the office, you can protect yourself and your family with Secura mobile app packages. You can complete a contact form to chat with a Secura safety specialist about our deals and coverage, or like us on Facebook for the latest crime statistics, safety tips, announcements, and more.