Protect Your Family and Friends – Connect Up to 5 Members in 5 Simple Steps

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Secura values your safety and the safety of your family and friends above all else. Our security solutions are designed to give you an advantage over rising South African crime statistics whether you are together at home, travelling apart, or living in different cities from your loved ones. While several armed response apps are available, Secura raises the bar for security in South Africa and helps you protect your family and friends by offering the most efficient app on the market for the most affordable prices. 

In our dedication to the safety of South African citizens and our desire to secure your family and friends, we are proud to present the Secura Family App and share the simple 5 step process to connecting up to 5 members today.

What is the Secura Family App?

The latest in our line of powerful and affordable security solutions is the Secura Family App. The app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store deploys our advanced location-based security alert system. To trigger an alert simply hold the panic button, and you will receive the quickest private security response directly to the location of your device. 

We call this efficient panic alert and location-based security response process via our app: Geo-Security.

Using the Secura Family App, up to 5 family members or friends have instant access to this high-tech security response solution from the minute that you sign-up for only R149 per month, no matter where each of you is located around the country. 

The sign-up process with Secura is as simple as these 5 steps:

1. Download the Secura App Onto Your Mobile Device

There’s no need to wait for a security device to be delivered to your door, you can access Secura’s powerful Geo-Security features through the Secura Family App in a matter of minutes! 

Simply click these links to view Secura on the mobile device store of your preference: Google Play or the Apple Store.

The Secura App takes up little storage space on your smartphone and will download and install onto your device in no time. Simple as that!

2. Create an Account With Secura

protect your family - protect your family

Creating an account with Secura is quick and easy, taking only a few minutes to complete the seamless setup process.

Simply enter your phone number upon opening the app and you will receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS to activate your account. Never share your OTP with anyone. You will then fill out your personal and vehicle details for comprehensive security coverage while at home, work, or on the road.

You can freely test Secura’s features and response times before signing up, and if you are completely satisfied with our immediate call-back response and Geo-Security capabilities, then you can move onto the next step to securing you and your family or friends with Secura.

3. Select the Secura Family Package

protect your family - Select the Secura Family Package
Family App

Downloading the app is free, however, you will need to select that package that suits your security preferences to benefit from Secura’s comprehensive security features. 

The Secura Family Package is growing in popularity as the go-to security solution for families and friends around the country as it provides up to 5 members with complete Secura coverage for only R149 per month.

After creating an account, you will need to select an Online Payment option of your preference, Access Code if you have received a voucher or Online Subscription if you are securing you and your family or friends for the first time. 

From the drop-down menu that follows, select the Secura Family Package. 

4. Add Your Family Members or Friends to Your Profile

protect your family - Add Your Family Members or Friends to Your Profile

With your Secura Family Package selected, additional cell phone number slots will open up. Accurately enter the mobile numbers of the 4 family members or friends that you would like to grant access to Secura’s efficient and effective armed response button and click ‘Next’.

5. Activate and Share With Your Loved Ones

protect your family - Activate and Share With Your Loved Ones

The final step to securing your family and friends with Secura is activating your package and sharing it with your loved ones. After adding your family or friends to your Family Package, you will be redirected to our secure and safe payment gateway whereby you can finalise payment for the Secura Family App. After completing payment, you will have access to the Secura Family App immediately and you can share access with your loved ones. They will not have to follow the same 5 step approach to utilize Secura’s safety features, rather sign-up with the cellphone number you have provided as a member and instantly open up their armed response app!

Protect Your Family and Friends – 5 Members for Only R149 p/m

protect your family - 5 Members for Only R149

At only R149 per month, this is the most affordable private armed response security solution in South Africa for groups of 5, helping protect your family and friends without costing too much to get started. Connecting you and your family or friends instantly to a network of over 280 private security companies who are capable of dispatching the closest team to your location with an average response time of 5 minutes throughout the country, Secura provides the most effective and efficient security coverage for you and your loved ones.