Safely Celebrate Halloween in South Africa with these Safety Tips

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Halloween in South Africa and around the world is a time for getting creative, dressing up in costume, and an excuse to enjoy the spookier things in life while on a sugar rush! Whether you have planned to go all out as a classic zombie with visual effects makeup or dressing up last minute in a tracksuit as a character from the cultural phenomenon “Squid Game” – here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you celebrate! 

Make Your Halloween Costume Covid Friendly 

halloween in south africa - Make Your Halloween Costume Covid Friendly

With South Africa’s vaccination rollout well underway and reported cases of infection decreasing, it’s important to note that Covid-19 safety procedures must not be forgotten as the virus remains a serious threat. Safety measures like regularly sanitising your hands and wearing a face mask are woven into everyday life – so this year’s Halloween celebration should be no exception! 

Let your creative juices flow by incorporating these safety items into your costume. Ideas include using a graphic facemask that compliments your costume character, glueing some decorative elements onto a face shield, and painting hand sanitiser bottles to suit your Halloween costume’s theme! 

Keeping Your Kiddies Safe

halloween in south africa - Keeping Your Kiddies Safe

Although Halloween in South Africa is not as huge compared to our international counterparts, some communities are banding together to bring the spooky spirit to their neighbourhoods. In doing so, our children can dress up as their heroes, embody their favourite things, or parade as part of a family-themed costume with their parents. When doing so, remember these safety tips: 

Implement a “Safe Word” 

It can be daunting for little ones and parents alike to be surrounded by a sea of costumed individuals and not always know who is under the Halloween mask. To make sure your children don’t confuse a fiend for a friend, establish a safe word before you leave the house. If someone approaches your children when you are not around, they must ask for the agreed-upon safe word. If the safe word is correct, your children know who they can trust. However, if the person cannot recite the safe word or says something else – your little ones will know something is wrong and can either come to find you or scream an alert word (such as “stranger danger”) to help you find them.

Check Your Sweets before you Snack

Sweet treats are all a part of the Halloween spirit and a fitting reward for the creative effort of dressing up! However, remind your children to show you the sweets they are given before eating them. This formality will not only allow you to help monitor any potential allergens in the candy but ensure the sweet wrappers are properly sealed and have not been tampered with.

Trick or treat with the Secura Safety App

While out and about walking through the community streets and cul-de-sacs, it’s advisable to have a reliable mobile panic button or armed response app on your phone to give you that added peace of mind. At the tap of a finger, both the on-the-go panic button and mobile app alert and send surrounding armed response teams to your location for security support. 

Whatsmore, the Secura app now offers Secura Medical – a feature that connects to a nationwide network of EMS providers to ensure that you and your family have the lifesaving support you need in the case of an emergency medical situation. 

Tips for Teens and Adults for Halloween in South Africa

halloween in south africa - Tips for Teens and Adults for Halloween in South Africa

Who says toddlers should have all the fun? For the older individuals celebrating Halloween in South Africa, there are often many themed parties taking place across the country that offer an extravagant celebration where you can dress up and get festive! To stay safe during the celebrations, remember to keep these security tips in mind: 

Buddy System

As the sage advice goes, there is safety in numbers. Whether you are travelling to and from an event or simply popping in to the bar or bathroom, take a buddy along with you! 

Be Aware of Drink Spiking

It’s a sad reality that South Africans either know friends who have been ‘spiked’ or have had first-hand experiences in the matter. Keep these tips in mind when ‘jolling’ this Halloween: 

  • It can be very difficult to identify a drink that has been tampered with. However, if you see signs like a foggy/cloudy drink, off or changing colour to the drink, excessive bubbles, a funny taste, or sinking ice – pour the drink out and order a new one. Even if you are not 100% sure of any of these warning signs, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Symptoms of drink spiking include nausea, vomiting, confusion, and impaired vision to name a few. If a friend has been spiked, stay by their side, help them get home or get medical attention if their condition worsens.
  • “Prevention is better than cure” as they say. So be sure to stay vigilant, watch your and your friend’s drinks like a hawk, and cover the top of your bottle or glass with your hand or a Drinkerbell

From Covid-safe costumes to checking sweets, using a safe word and security app to buddying up and watching your drink; remember these safety tips as you enjoy the Halloween festivities. And as the time for trick or treating approaches, the Secura team wishes you a spectacularly spooky celebration!