Armed Response in your pocket


No Phone needed in range to initiate panic

Ideal for people on the move: Running, Cycling, Events or Shopping

Small, Rugged and Inconspicuous

Full SA coverage in your pocket, anytime, anywhere

Live GPS Tracking once panic is initiated

24/7/365 Emergency response call centre

Welcome to the Secura Panic Button

The Secura Panic Button is the ultimate response to your emergency needs. The button is a stand-alone device, meaning, you don’t need your phone while you’re on the move in order to feel secure.  The Button is linked to your Secura App which connects you to over 280 armed response companies.  Within an average of +-5 minutes an armed response vehicle will arrive at your live GPS location. Security in your pocket, anytime, anywhere.

*Please note a monthly subscription to Secura is required

What's in the box

Secura Panic Button

Micro USB Cable


Instruction Manual

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