Keep Seniors Safe with Emergency Medical Services and More Security Tips.

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Older Persons Week is celebrated in South Africa annually in October, and it invites us to acknowledge the elderlys’ role in shaping our past and appreciate their experiences and stories from “back in the day.” It is also a time whereby we may highlight the challenges that older members of society face. 

Declining health and age-associated injuries is a common concern when caring for your parents or grandparents, such as hearing the dreaded words “I’ve fallen” – striking a cascade of fears in the heart of many. And when it comes to crime, it’s no secret that senior citizens are prime targets. According to recent reports, the homes of senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to house robberies. 

We understand the need to care for our parents and grandparents, specifically during the golden years of their lives. Whether they live with you or are under the care of a home nurse, we share how to keep seniors safe with emergency medical services and more security tips in this article.

Use Reliable, On-Demand Medical Emergency Services 

emergency medical services security - Use Reliable, On-Demand Medical Emergency Services

Medical emergency systems are essential to the safety of the elderly, especially as unexpected accidents tend to increase with age. Having a reliable medical emergency service solution with fast and easy access to medical assistance can make all the difference. 

Secura provides senior cover in the form of Secura Medical Solutions. The autonomous dispatch technology connects South African senior citizens with a network of the best private EMS providers for swift and efficient emergency medical intervention. Your parents and grandparents can utilize this smart health technology in an instant and at the push of a button with their mobile device in an emergency.

This feature is one of many that comes with the Secura App, including on-the-go armed security services for whenever your parents or grandparents are on the move and may require the assistance of an armed response team closest to their location. The app is user-friendly and can be easily set up on your parents’ and grandparents’ smartphones by following the app’s simple setup process.

By installing the Secura App, you can rest at ease knowing reliable medical emergency services are available to your parents and grandparents at a tap of a button!

Safety-Proof Their Homes

emergency medical services security - Safety-Proof Their Homes

As discussed, house robberies are on the rise and senior citizens are more vulnerable than younger adults. It is, therefore, important that you safety-proof your parents’ and or grandparents’ homes to protect them from violent crime.

You should consider the following safety measures at your parents or grandparents homes:

Surveillance Cameras or Smart Security Systems

emergency medical services security - Surveillance Cameras or Smart Security Systems

We regularly discuss the need to improve your home security and believe that it is imperative you do so for your parents and grandparents whether they live with you, close by, or in a home. You do not have to invest heavily in smart security systems if you are aware of the top gadgets to improve one’s safety with these additional home security devices:

  • WiFi-Enabled Security Cameras: these security devices connect to your smartphone, allowing you to scan your parents’ and grandparents’ homes perimeters for threats as well as utilize voice features to communicate with them regarding the threat.
  • Smart Locks: these home security gadgets are a handy alternative to keys, that are prone to being lost or misplaced! Smart locks allow quick and easy entry to the home – saving valuable time during situations such as when the elderly feel threatened while getting out of their vehicle and need a brisk and easy way to get into their home. Whatsmore, if your device is linked to the smart lock, you can assist emergency medical service providers in getting into the home if your parents or grandparents have collapsed and need urgent medical assistance. 
  • Smart Lighting: this handy security equipment connects to your mobile device in the same way that the cameras do, allowing you to trigger or automate lighting at your parents’ or grandparents’ homes so that they have one less security feature to worry about. Keeping the elderly’s homes light and illuminated may help reduce the crime risks and statistics that South African senior citizens face. 

And Finally, Quality Time

emergency medical services security - And Finally, Quality Time

While implementing these security tips will help improve the safety of senior citizens’ homes, we must never forget the impact that quality time can have on feelings of security within our parents and grandparents. Regular home visits allow you to meet the neighbours and ensure they have your contact number in case there is an emergency. By keeping open lines of communication, you may be able to pick up and prevent any ‘modern day’ security threats and suspicious activity – like fraudulent emails asking for personal information or scammers calling on the phone  – and stop targeted crime before it happens. From frequent home visits to catch-up calls, keeping in touch reminds your older loved ones that they are still important, cared for, and worth looking after. 

From using a reliable emergency medical service provider like the Secura app to safety-proofing the home with surveillance cameras to being present in your parents’ or grandparents’ lives  – these handy security tips will keep our beloved senior citizens safe and secure this seniors month and beyond!