Latest South African Crime Statistics Truck Hijacking

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  • Recently revealed South African crime statistics showcase an increase in truck hijackings across the country
  • Claims regarding truck hijackings reveal that the growing number of syndicates make use of advanced technology during heists
  • The prevalence of police involvement in recent truck hijacking cases, as well as possession of state-issued firearms among perpetrators, does little for business’ faith in protection from local authorities
  • Logistics companies and delivery services should seek the support of third-party security technology to mitigate and/or minimise the risks associated with truck hijacking

The latest South African crime statistics suggest that your logistics company is vulnerable to hijacking and cash-in-transit heists when your vehicles are in transit. Such tragedies can be a headache for business owners, including those who manage logistics and delivery services as well as the owners who put their trust in trucking partners to deliver their materials, goods, or products to satisfied clients and customers. These statistics reveal a steady increase in business robberies occurring on roads and freeways across the country, and crime trends point towards hijackers being more equipped, armed, and capable of targeting logistics and delivery companies. For these reasons, managers and company executives in the logistics and delivery industry need to respond to rising statistics with actionable plans to combat the chances and consequences of truck hijacking. 

The following case study showcases the importance of securing your business’ logistics operations in response to recent crime reports as well as offers an answer in the form of security and armed response-based API solutions.

An Emergence of ‘High-Tech’ Truck Hijacking Syndicates

south african crime statistics - An Emergence of ‘High-Tech’ Truck Hijacking Syndicates

Hijacking in South Africa is a problem that affects citizens on a personal and individual level in instances such as car theft and business level in cases of truck hijacking. The prominence of truck hijacking has existed in some capacity for years, however, the emergence of more advanced crime syndicates willing to gamble their attempts in the trucking industry is a concern for logistic company owners and investors who are unwilling to support business in a country subject to high levels of crime. 

Last year, police minister Bheki Cele reported “a 31.7% increase in truck hijackings.” Further reports from EWN highlighted that there had been 1,202 truck hijacking crimes recorded between April of 2020 and March 2021. The police minister has attributed the rising rates of truck-related crimes to more advanced hijackers with access to top technology and has claimed the police are responding to these “high-tech” crimes with significant breakthroughs in truck hijackings.

Police Involvement in Truck Hijackings

south african crime statistics - Police Involvement in Truck Hijackings

Business owners may be reluctant to get behind the sentiments shared by the police minister as the latest in a long line of truck-related crimes shines a spotlight on police involvement in the recent event. 

As of Tuesday the 13th of April 2021, two cops and a civilian were arrested in Johannesburg shortly after a truck hijacking incident. Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) spokesperson Simon Zwane has since issued statements regarding the police and civilian’s involvement in a truck hijacking syndicate operating on the R59, N3, Kliprivier and other routes in Gauteng as well as their possession of state-issued firearms. Zwane continues to report that “there have been many complaints and allegations about the involvement of law enforcement officers in this heinous crime”. 

If company directors and logistics managers cannot put their faith in the police, then what options are available in the protection and prevention of trucks on South African roads in 2021?

Is Fleet Monitoring an Answer?

south african crime statistics - Is Fleet Monitoring an Answer

Fleet monitoring bureaus are tasked with managing drivers and responding to alerts in order to prevent or reduce the consequences of truck hijacking, such as stolen vehicles or damaged goods. The problem with fleet monitoring, especially in the current economic climate, is the considerable investment required by companies to have access to around the clock 24/7 armed response. Thanks to breakthrough technology, there are more affordable alternatives for businesses to consider that areas, if not more, effective.

Secure Your Business With Secura

south african crime statistics - Secure Your Business With Secura

Most companies have been forced to go private in response to rising truck hijacking statistics, with a selection of businesses meeting the security needs of business owners with novel and advanced technological solutions. Secura is one such company capable of supporting the trucking industry through the integration of affordable, efficient, reliable, and private armed response measures integrated with businesses current systems. This is done through API integration of Secura for business, a unique offering that provides truck drivers with access to extremely quick security response times from armed specialists through the simple touch of a button. Truck drivers can utilise a panic button integrated with your company’s app or system to

alert both you and the nearest armed response team of the hijacking attempt. This streamlined process helps business owners mitigate and/or reduce the risks associated with truck hijacking.

It is paramount that logistics companies and delivery services seek third-party, private security solutions to prevent truck hijacking as the statistics show an upward trajectory in truck-related crime cases. Should you wish to give your drivers a safety advantage on the road, contact us to secure your business with Secura.