Why You Should Test the Secura App Today 

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Secura: Empowering Your Safety, Ensuring Peace of Mind

This month, we’re emphasizing the value of your monthly subscription. With Secura, you receive swift response to emergencies from professionals. No more searching for emergency numbers or waiting for someone to answer your call.

Test & Unlock the Power of Secura  

Ever wondered how Secura operates in real-life scenarios? Now’s your chance to experience it firsthand! We’ve been encouraging Secura users to test the app and witness its seamless functionality. While testing might seem daunting, we’ve tailored the process to ensure it’s both easy and insightful for you. 

Test & Unlock the Power of Secura

Not sure how to test Secura’s armed response? 

It’s a breeze: 

  • Download and subscribe to Secura
  • Open the Secura app. 
  • Toggle to “Test” (and not “Real”). 
  • Press and hold the SECURITY button. 
  • Get an immediate call from us during testing. Please make sure to let the call center know you’re testing the app when you answer!  
  • Rest assured, we won’t dispatch a responder right away during a test.  
  • That said, if you don’t answer, we’ll send a responder to your location as a precaution. 

Worried about accidental dispatch? 

Don’t be. During testing, we prioritize your peace of mind by calling you first and not immediately dispatching a responder unless it’s a real emergency. Additionally, you can cancel the call-out within the app and provide comment through the chat functionality that you are performing a test. 

Concerned about false alarms? 

Think of it like running drills for your home security system. Testing Secura ensures you’re familiar with its operation, so you’re prepared when an actual emergency arises. It’s important to note that tests must be for Security and NOT medical emergencies – medical dispatches are immediate, whereas security dispatches can be cancelled without cost. 

Empowering Your Safety, Ensuring Peace of Mind

Your Safety Is Our Priority 

Secura puts your safety first, providing you with the peace of mind that help is just a button press away. Your subscription ensures your safety and provides you with someone to call in an emergency, whether you need medical assistance or armed response. 

Don’t hesitate. Download Secura today and ensure you’re ready for any situation life throws your way.