Secura Insights: FAQs & Essential Facts

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Staying Informed and Protected with Secura

Welcome to Secura Insights, your comprehensive guide to staying informed and protected with Secura. In this blog, we’ll cover frequently asked questions (FAQs) and essential facts about our services, ensuring you have all the information you need to feel secure and confident in your safety. 

Secura Insights: the essential did you know facts.

Secura Insights | DYK Essential Facts:

1. Did you know…Secura Isn’t Just for Individual Customers 

Secura isn’t just for individual customers. We also provide comprehensive services for both B2B and B2C clients. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Our versatile services are designed to cater to a wide range of safety requirements, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our reliable protection. 

2. Did you know…Emergency Responders Will be There at the Click of a Button 

With Secura, you are connected to hundreds of emergency responders at the click of a button. Our extensive network ensures that help is always close by, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. This rapid response capability is crucial in emergencies, providing immediate assistance when you need it most. 

3. Did you know…Secura Goes Wherever You Go 

Secura goes wherever you go. Whether you’re driving, cycling, running, or simply out and about, our services are designed to protect you at every step. Your safety is our priority, no matter the journey. Our mobile app ensures you have access to emergency services and support. 

4. Did you know…We Offer the Best Client Service 

At Secura, we don’t just respond to emergencies. We pride ourselves on offering the best client service, including comprehensive follow-up services after each incident. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, from start to finish. We ensure that every incident is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Secura Insights: our experts answer your FAQs

Secura Insights | FAQs:

1. How do the services work? 

Our service enables users to request security or medical help through the app at the push of a button. Using Secura’s in-vehicle responder and GPS navigation, the closest response vehicle quickly accepts and reaches the incident location. Depending on your needs, you can select from security or medical response in the app, but we do call you, so if you require roadside assistance or the fire department, our call center will alert and dispatch the nearest relevant service. 

2. How can I order a stand-alone panic button? 

Panic buttons are only available to businesses. However, if you’re an individual in need of such a button, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. They are the perfect mobile solution for large businesses needing to ensure the safety of their staff while in transit, on-site, or off the beaten path. Please email for more information. 

3. Do you charge per call out? 

There are no call-out fees and no additional charges over and above your monthly subscription, which is debited from your account automatically depending on the subscription you choose. This transparent pricing model ensures that you always know what you’re paying for without any hidden costs. 

4. How do I update my card details for the debit order? 

Have new card details? We keep it simple. Simply unsubscribe to the app and then re-subscribe to the app with the new updated card details. This straightforward process ensures that your payment information is always current, preventing any interruptions in service. 

5. How do I add dependents? 

After completing the sign-up process for the family subscription, you will have access to the Secura Family App and will be able to immediately share access with your loved ones. It’s quite easy for them to join. Your family simply needs to sign up with the cellphone number you have provided as a member, and instantly they will be able to open the app and enjoy the protection and peace of mind that Secura offers. 

Stay calm in an emergency knowing Secura's responders are the touch of a button away.

Want to Learn More About Our App? 

For more tips, insights and essential facts about Secura, visit our blog page and explore the 5 Great Features of the Secura App You Should Know blog. 

Here’s a quick overview of our app: 

  1. Transparent service with live-tracking of a dispatched responder. 
  2. Two categories (“Medical” and “Security”) to distinguish your immediate needs. 
  3. Test our responses with “Test” and “Real” options to become familiar with the process. 
  4. Store vital information in the app, from medical to contact details. 
  5. “Stand-by-me” option for roadside incidents, ensuring you’re never alone. 

At Secura, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.  

We hope you enjoyed our Secura Insights. Whether you’re a business or an individual, our comprehensive services and advanced app features ensure you have the protection you need, whenever and wherever you need it. From connecting you to hundreds of emergency responders at the click of a button to offering personalized follow-up services, we are dedicated to providing the best in client service. 

For more information make sure to explore our Secura 4U and Secura Business pages to familiarize yourself with all that Secura has to offer. 

Stay safe and secure with Secura. Your safety, our priority.