Secura and King Price: A Tailor-made Solution   

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We are proud to support King Price, South Africa with our app-based emergency response service, Code Red. Very simply, in an emergency, app users can hit the panic button and the nearest armed response or emergency service vehicle will be dispatched. 

The Code Red notifies the nearest responders, tapping into a network of more than 280-armed response companies, which connects thousands of responders across all 9 provinces. There are also several other services available to respond to a Code Red activation such as the SA Police Service, metro, municipal and traffic law enforcement, ambulances, and fire and rescue services. 

More From King Price. 

Wynand Van Vuuren, client experience partner at King Price goes into more detail: “If you feel threatened, or if there’s a medical emergency, you open our app and tap on Code Red.” He continues “The Code Red control room will dispatch the closest linked armed response car to your GPS location and will then call you to confirm the activation and request additional emergency services, like the police or an ambulance, if necessary.” 

King Price clients can register for Code Red on the King Price app (available from the major app stores) at a nominal monthly cost. The service can then be accessed via the app which is integrated with Secura via an API solution. 

Van Vuuren adds: “The reason we chose Secura as our partner for Code Red is their ability to respond to an emergency, whether you’re at home, at work, or fetching your kids from school, at any time of day or night. By utilising smart technology, Secura ensures a speedy response to your emergency,” supplying an IOT on-demand emergency response through the King Price app. 

How We Integrate With Your Offerings. 

We offer you the ability to partner with the best security companies in South Africa, by adapting our offerings to fit your needs. 

  • White Label: Secura can deploy a fully customised white label app with your required branding 
  • API Solutions: Integrate Secura’s tech into your existing apps and offer a value-added service to your customers 
  • IOT: Provide your customers with on-demand emergency response using a connected device 
  • Portal: Empower your call centre operators with the Secura portal 

6 Ways Your Customers Benefit. 

Offer outstanding customer service by bridging the gap between private security companies and leading armed response with our technology. 

  1. We pinpoint geo-located incidents resulting in greater response accuracy.  
  1. High-quality nationwide response with access to thousands of professional responders. 
  1. We reduce additional links ensuring your customers get help faster.  
  1. A resourceful network makes it easy to access additional resources. 
  1. Machine-to-machine dispatch our tech identifies the closest vehicle to a user’s location. 
  1. Transparency and peace of mind with live in-app tracking of responders. 

Want to Know More? 

We are thrilled to be able to offer your business a true value-added service with seamless integration which will increase your customer acquisition and retention through a top-notch emergency response solution.  

To learn more about Secura for business, chat with a representative by completing a contact form or requesting a demo on our website.