Nationwide Security and Medical Response

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Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that our security technology delivers efficient security and medical response wherever, whenever. And having access to the best armed response security companies doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Secura, in partnership with over 280 of the best security companies in South Africa, is adapting traditional security for the digital age.

Secura’s App: The Modern Security Solution

Secura is a geo-security mobile platform that gives users access to private emergency services. In an emergency, the user taps the panic button and using innovative Google Maps-based technology, the Secura Mobile App connects the user to the closest security and emergency medical service companies.

Secura’s stream-lined solution, powered by AURA, has been referred to as the ‘uberization’ of armed response. Launched as a panic button and developed further to incorporate a mobile panic app that can be downloaded from Google Play, the App Store, or Huawei AppGallery for as little as R49 per month, Secura’s geo-security platform is the ultimate response device in your pocket.

Armed Response and EMS In Your Pocket

In effect Secura connects citizens to a nationwide network of leading private armed response, medical emergency, and roadside assistance services without the need for multiple memberships for protection country-wide nor risk of not having access to efficient private security responses in all areas.

By partnering with several top private security companies, Secura ensures that South Africans receive support from the team that is closest to their location. Giving South Africans access to top-notch emergency response wherever they are in the country, any time.

Coverage Wherever You Go

The Secura GO Panic Button is a small, rugged and inconspicuous stand-alone device that is easy to carry when out running, hiking, cycling or camping.

Heading out for a jog? Simply take the panic button and leave your phone at home as the button is linked to your Secura App. No matter where you are the average response time is +-5 minutes for an armed response vehicle to arrive at your live GPS location.

Protect Your Family Too

Not only is the Secura mobile app perfect for individuals, it also offers one of the most affordable family coverages. Up to 5 members can connect at a significant discount with a simple 5 step process.

At only R149 per month, this is the most affordable private armed response security solution in South Africa for groups of 5, giving you and your loved ones effective and efficient security coverage nationwide.