Keep South Africa Safe – Here’s How You Can Help #CleanUpSA

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The recent riots and looting in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and surrounding areas have left the provinces devastated and citizens heartbroken. Following the events that have unfolded over the past week, South African communities have banded together to repair and restore our roads, shopping malls, small businesses, and public spaces – a community-driven movement powered as #CleanUpSA. The resilience and determination of South Africans around the country continue to shine despite the destruction, and here are a few ideas on how you can help #CleanUpSA and stay safe while doing so.

Join the RebuildSA – Volunteers Group on Facebook

South Africa Safe - Join the RebuildSA - Volunteers Group on Facebook

The RebuildSA – Volunteers Group on Facebook has 39 600 members at the time of writing this article, and that number is growing every minute. Thousands of South Africans are utilizing the group to raise awareness about crowdfunding projects, share helpful information, and promote community repair initiatives that you can get involved in. Before leaving your home, join the group and connect with others in your area to find out where and how you can help. With a clear idea of the work going on in and around your community, you can safely join others to help #CleanUpSA.

Follow @rebuildrsa on Instagram and Complete Their Volunteer Form

Follow @rebuildrsa on Instagram and Complete Their Volunteer Form

South African citizens are also turning to Instagram to show their support for the country, with @rebuildrsa gaining tremendous momentum at over 9000 followers and growing. Check out their profile on Instagram and follow the Google link in their bio to submit a volunteer form to the administrators. You will be asked to provide your area where you can assist, in what capacity you can assist, whether you have access to transport, and when you are available. After submitting, you will be contacted by the administrators about potential points of assistance for you to help #CleanUpSA.

Gather in Groups

Gather in Groups

It is always important to travel and move in groups as there is safety in numbers. Do not leave your home to #CleanUpSA alone, rather group up with friends or family members before you join other community members.

Confirm Travel Routes are Clear

South Africa Safe - Confirm Travel Routes are Clear

Whether you are planning to travel to meet up with friends and family before you join the community or are together and ready to leave, double-check that all the travel routes to the community clean up projects are completely clear. Use your WhatsApp groups and/or Zello walkie talkie app to confirm the safety of your area with your community members. Also, be sure to share your live location with others via WhatsApp so that someone is informed of your location and safety at all times.

Offer Financial Relief or Raise Awareness

South Africa Safe -Offer Financial Relief or Raise Awareness

Whether you are living in an outlying area, are concerned over your safety travelling to initiatives, or are living abroad and wish to show your support in the #CleanUpSA movement, then do your utmost best to offer financial relief in the form of donations and/or awareness drives. You could send financial support to Gift of the Givers, sign the following petition to help raise support and assistance awareness, or connect with community members on your WhatsApp group or Facebook groups such as RebuildSA – Volunteers Group to show your support. Also, if you have a strong social media presence as a South African citizen or international expat then we encourage you to spread awareness to your audience.

Keep Safe in South Africa With Secura: Your First Month is Free

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Secura is dedicated to keeping South Africa safe, which is why we are offering your first month free. Download our armed response app via the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play to stay secure while you #CleanUpSA. The following key features ensure that South African citizens are protected from safety risks and security threats.

Support from Over 280 Security Companies

The Secura armed response app connects you with one of over 280 security companies across the country at a push of a button. These companies have a collective of over 2000 security vehicles equipped with the Secura app, and the vehicles nearest to you are notified when you trigger an alert. The armed response teams will quickly react to your alert and will be on the scene of the incident within minutes. You will also be contacted by a Secura specialist who will confirm the response of a security team to your location. The quick reaction time and vast pool of available security teams ensure that every alert is responded to timely and incidents are stopped from escalating.

Nationwide Coverage Across South Africa

Secura provides South Africans with access to fast-acting and reliable armed response teams across all nine of the country’s provinces. Over 859 suburbs are protected by Secura’s network of response teams, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are in the country – on the go or at home. This coverage will give you confidence in your safety as you join the community to help #CleanUpSA.

Keep South Africa Safe!!!