Anglo American Secure: A Secura White-Label Success 

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Secura App: Your Trusted Companion in Emergencies 

We take pride in our partnership with Anglo-American in South Africa, offering the Anglo-American Secure app-based emergency response service. Our offerings seamlessly integrate with Anglo-American’s existing systems, providing cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and private armed response measures.  

Empowering Anglo-American Employees with the Secure App  

Our mission is simple: when an emergency arises, app users can activate a panic call, prompting the dispatch of the nearest armed response or emergency service vehicle.  

Within the Anglo-American Secure app, users enjoy exclusive access to a specialized realm of security and safety services. This includes immediate access to private armed response teams, highly trained to swiftly address security concerns and emergencies, providing peace of mind, knowing that expert assistance is readily available when needed most. 

What distinguishes Secura and makes it uniquely suited for Anglo American staff is our dual capability. We not only excel at pinpointing geo-located incidents with pinpoint precision, thereby enhancing response accuracy, but we also employ cutting-edge machine-to-machine dispatch technology. This technology not only ensures the closest available vehicle is identified but is also tailored for Anglo-American staff, guaranteeing swifter assistance for our valued users. 

How The Anglo-American App Works. 

Experience the On-Demand Panic Service with Anglo-American Secure, ensuring immediate assistance during emergencies for their staff, no matter where or when you need it. When you activate the panic button, our responsive control room will promptly reach out to them, confirming the nature of their emergency and assuring themthat help is en-route.  

1. Anglo-American Secure employees can download the app on the app stores (Google Play, the App Store, and Huawei App Gallery). 

2. Navigate through the app’s user-friendly interface to access ‘About You’ in the menu. Here, you can effortlessly update your profile by adding essential information and critical details. 

3. After initiating an emergency request a dedicated operator ensures you remain informed every step of the way, providing constant updates and reassurance until the emergency responders reach your location. 

With the panic button, Anglo-American employees gain access to a vast fleet of armed response vehicles from various response providers, guaranteeing assistance from the nearest available resource when it matters most.  

The Anglo-American Secure App: Your All-in-One Solution  

The app provides a powerful solution for safeguarding Anglo-American families, whether at work, school, or on vacation. It offers an unmatched level of peace of mind, accessible at the touch of a button.  

Let’s touch on the top 5 features that empower Anglo-American employees:   

Tailored App Experience:  

Simply open the menu, navigate to ‘About You,’ and update your profile with personal information, medical details, blood type, next of kin contacts, physical addresses, and vehicle specifics. 

Diverse Emergency Solutions:  

The app provides various instant response options for both security and medical crises. Additionally, it offers Stand-By-Me roadside assistance and can swiftly dispatch fire department support when required. 

National Safety Network:  

We seamlessly connect you to a nationwide network of top-tier private armed response, medical emergency, and roadside assistance services. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple memberships; our coverage spans all nine provinces, ensuring comprehensive protection across the country. 

Rapid Response To Your Co-ordinates:  

Our app excels at prompt incident identification using precise geographic coordinates. Furthermore, our cutting-edge dispatch technology swiftly pinpoints the nearest available assistance vehicle to your location, ensuring speedy response times. 

Transparent Assistance:  

Once you request help, you can easily track the distance of our responders through live tracking on the app. Our operators remain on the line, providing real-time updates until the emergency responders arrive. 

Anglo American Secure

Embracing Anglo-American’s Commitment to Safety    

At Secura we recognize the importance of addressing safety concerns faced by all and are proud to partner with Anglo-American to provide the ultimate safety companion to all Anglo-American employees. We understand that safety concerns affect everyone, and our goal is to ensure that each Anglo-American employee feels empowered and protected. 

This comprehensive safety solution, enable us to stand united with Anglo-American in our shared mission to create a more secure environment for everyone. Together, we reinforce the importance of addressing safety concerns faced by all, fostering a culture of protection, unity, and empowerment. 

If you would like to learn more about Secura for business and our white-label solutions contact us to chat with a representative by completing a contact form or book a demo on our website today.