Revolutionizing Emergency Response: Introducing Secura Medical 

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Faster Emergency Response for More Effective Life-saving Interventions. 

In the critical moments of an emergency, time is of the essence. Every second counts, and it can make the difference between life and death. Secura Medical is at the forefront of transforming emergency response, streamlining the process to ensure a faster and more effective reaction that ultimately saves more lives. 

The Power of Partnerships: Elevating Emergency Medical Services

Secura Medical has forged partnerships with top-tier EMS (Emergency Medical Services) companies across South Africa. This strategic collaboration provides users with access to the highest level of care available. In times of crisis, having a network of reliable and superior-quality EMS providers is paramount to delivering swift and effective medical assistance. 

  1. Smart Technology for Swift Action   

One of Secura Medical’s standout features is its implementation of cutting-edge smart technology. The system autonomously dispatches the nearest medical responder to a user’s live GPS location, ensuring that help is on the way without unnecessary delays. This intelligent dispatch system significantly reduces response times, a crucial factor when every moment matters.   

  1. Sharing Vital Information for Informed Care   

In emergencies, information can be a lifesaver. Secura Medical ensures that vital medical information is seamlessly shared with both the responding medical personnel and the central control center. This information exchange empowers responders with crucial details about the user’s health status, allergies, and other critical data, enabling them to provide more targeted and informed care. 

  1. Precision Navigation for Enhanced Accuracy   

Secura Medical utilizes precise GPS location data to navigate response vehicles with accuracy. This not only ensures that help reaches the user quickly but also enhances the overall accuracy of the response. In high-stress situations, having pinpoint accuracy in navigation can be a game-changer, making the difference between a timely response and potential delays. 

  1. Impressive Fleet and Rapid Response Statistics     

Secura Medical boasts a fleet of 500+ response vehicles strategically positioned for rapid deployment. The average response time of approximately 12 minutes underscores the commitment to swift action. With 60+ response providers in the network, Secura Medical has created a robust and reliable system that leverages both technology and human resources to deliver unparalleled emergency medical services. 

Secura Medical provides peace of mind to families with elderly members.

Secura Medical also strives to providing peace of mind to families.

Secura seamlessly links South African senior citizens to a network of premier private EMS providers for immediate and efficient emergency medical intervention. As the unpredictability of accidents increases with age, ensuring the well-being of the elderly necessitates dependable medical emergency systems. Swift access to medical assistance can be crucial in critical moments. 

In times of crisis, your parents and grandparents can depend on this intelligent health technology, easily accessible with a simple button press on their mobile device. The user-friendly Secura application can be effortlessly installed on their smartphones through a quick and straightforward setup process, guaranteeing that reliable medical emergency services are just a tap away. 

Don’t compromise on your safety; empower yourself with the Secura app today.

Secura Medical is not just a provider of emergency response services; it’s a catalyst for change in the way we approach medical emergencies. By combining state-of-the-art technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to rapid response, Secura Medical stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring that in times of crisis, help is not just on the way—it’s on the way faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

For more information and to take the first step towards enhanced personal safety, visit our website at With Secura, you’re never alone, and your safety is our top priority!

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind: The Power of the Secura App 

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Your Ultimate Safety Companion in a Digital Age 

We live in the age of digitalization where your whole life can be kept readily available on your phone. Everything from digital banking, to tracking your health and sleep is conveniently packaged into a smart device and why should your security be any different? The Secura app was developed with just this in mind so it can be right there with you 24/7 at home, at work, in the car or on your travels.  

Private security companies have begun to answer South Africa’s calls for superior safety service offerings; however, they not only need better ways to be reached in an emergency but must be able to respond to you no matter where you are. The age-old method of signing up with one armed response company doesn’t need to be the standard when you can access over 280 of them with the touch of a button meaning the closest armed responders will be at your location within +-5 minutes. 

Our cutting-edge security app solution brings unparalleled protection right to you – offering quick emergency response and peace of mind as an affordable alternative to standard security solutions. 


Securing Your Home. 

Our mission is to ensure your safety and provide you with peace of mind. At Secura we strongly believe that every South African should have the right to premium security at an affordable cost. 

We not only deliver comprehensive family security coverage but also offer one of the most affordable options available. By connecting five members at a significant discount, we prioritize the safety of the people you care for the most. 


Personal Safety on the Go. 

Our mobile app’s mobility is a game-changer, reducing the risk of carjackings and empowering individuals with a powerful security app solution at their fingertips.  

Secura’s mobile app extends beyond personal security. It also offers reliable roadside assistance, supplying support in case of vehicle breakdowns or emergencies. A dedicated team is just a few taps away to assist you on the road. Leverage the features of Secura’s mobile app and enjoy enhanced safety and peace of mind whenever you’re out and about. 


Empowering Employees.

We are proud to support King Price, South Africa with our app-based emergency response service, Code Red. Very simply, in an emergency, app users can initiate the panic call and the nearest armed response or emergency service vehicle will be dispatched.  

Secura has worked hard to meet the security needs of logistic and fleet business owners too through novel and advanced technological solutions. Our solutions can integrate with businesses’ current systems to give affordable, efficient, reliable, and private armed response measures. This streamlined process helps business owners mitigate and/or reduce the risks associated with truck hijacking. 

What makes Secura outstanding is that it not only pinpoints geo-located incidents resulting in greater response accuracy, but our machine-to-machine dispatch tech also identifies the closest vehicle to a user’s location, ensuring help gets there faster. 


Peace of Mind for Seniors.

As accidents become more unpredictable with age, ensuring the safety of the elderly requires reliable medical emergency systems. Swift access to medical assistance can make a world of difference in critical moments. 

Introducing Secura Medical Solutions, our dedicated senior cover solution. Powered by autonomous dispatch technology, it seamlessly connects South African senior citizens to a network of top private EMS providers for immediate and efficient emergency medical intervention. In times of crisis, your parents and grandparents can rely on this smart health technology, accessible instantly with a simple button press on their mobile device. 

Secura’s app offers a range of features, including on-the-go armed security services tailored for your parents or grandparents’ mobility. Wherever they are, they can count on the app to connect them with the nearest armed response team, ensuring their safety.  

The user-friendly Secura app can be effortlessly set up on their smartphones through a quick and straightforward setup process, ensuring reliable medical emergency services are just a tap away for your beloved parents and grandparents.  


Expanding Campus Safety

When it comes to creating a safe learning environment for students and staff, Secura’s app becomes an invaluable asset. By having the app at your fingertips, you ensure immediate access to trustworthy emergency response services throughout the entire country, at any time. 

We can even offer campuses the ability to partner with the best security companies in South Africa, by adapting our offerings to fit your needs through solutions such as white labelling (a fully customised white label app) or an API solution which can integrate into your existing apps. 

Secura goes the extra mile to provide peace of mind, offering seamless connections to premier security solutions wherever you are in the nation. With Secura, you can rest assured that your safety is in expert hands, enabling a secure environment for education to thrive.  

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The Future of Security

Looking towards the future, security apps have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach and experience security. Technology is shaping the way we prioritise our safety and apps, software, and other devices are equipping us with a safety advantage over hijackers and other criminals within South Africa.  

We need to, in all areas of our life, leverage the benefits of these new technologies. For example, our geo-security platform harnesses the power of advanced Google Maps-based technology, seamlessly connecting you to the most reliable security companies in South Africa with just a simple touch.  

We believe that by harnessing the power of advanced technology, we can empower individuals with instant access to comprehensive security solutions, enhancing personal safety and significantly changing the overall landscape of security measures. 


Choosing the Right Security App

When it comes to combating crime and ensuring your safety, Secura has your back. With our newly enhanced mobile panic Secura app, readily available for download from Google Play, the App Store, or Huawei AppGallery, you can enjoy unrivaled peace of mind wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

No more hassles of joining multiple security companies individually. Secura saves you valuable time and money by providing access to the finest armed response providers in the country, right from the moment you activate your panic app. Experience the convenience of a comprehensive security solution at your fingertips. 

Secura empowers South Africans to feel secure and protected, irrespective of the circumstances. With our cutting-edge technology, we offer the freedom of emergency response whenever you need it, putting you in control of your safety. 

Choose Secura to secure your future and unlock unparalleled peace of mind. Together, we can create a safer environment for you, your family, and your business!