Secura Insights: FAQs & Essential Facts

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Staying Informed and Protected with Secura

Welcome to Secura Insights, your comprehensive guide to staying informed and protected with Secura. In this blog, we’ll cover frequently asked questions (FAQs) and essential facts about our services, ensuring you have all the information you need to feel secure and confident in your safety. 

Secura Insights: the essential did you know facts.

Secura Insights | DYK Essential Facts:

1. Did you know…Secura Isn’t Just for Individual Customers 

Secura isn’t just for individual customers. We also provide comprehensive services for both B2B and B2C clients. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Our versatile services are designed to cater to a wide range of safety requirements, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our reliable protection. 

2. Did you know…Emergency Responders Will be There at the Click of a Button 

With Secura, you are connected to hundreds of emergency responders at the click of a button. Our extensive network ensures that help is always close by, giving you peace of mind wherever you are. This rapid response capability is crucial in emergencies, providing immediate assistance when you need it most. 

3. Did you know…Secura Goes Wherever You Go 

Secura goes wherever you go. Whether you’re driving, cycling, running, or simply out and about, our services are designed to protect you at every step. Your safety is our priority, no matter the journey. Our mobile app ensures you have access to emergency services and support. 

4. Did you know…We Offer the Best Client Service 

At Secura, we don’t just respond to emergencies. We pride ourselves on offering the best client service, including comprehensive follow-up services after each incident. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, from start to finish. We ensure that every incident is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Secura Insights: our experts answer your FAQs

Secura Insights | FAQs:

1. How do the services work? 

Our service enables users to request security or medical help through the app at the push of a button. Using Secura’s in-vehicle responder and GPS navigation, the closest response vehicle quickly accepts and reaches the incident location. Depending on your needs, you can select from security or medical response in the app, but we do call you, so if you require roadside assistance or the fire department, our call center will alert and dispatch the nearest relevant service. 

2. How can I order a stand-alone panic button? 

Panic buttons are only available to businesses. However, if you’re an individual in need of such a button, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. They are the perfect mobile solution for large businesses needing to ensure the safety of their staff while in transit, on-site, or off the beaten path. Please email for more information. 

3. Do you charge per call out? 

There are no call-out fees and no additional charges over and above your monthly subscription, which is debited from your account automatically depending on the subscription you choose. This transparent pricing model ensures that you always know what you’re paying for without any hidden costs. 

4. How do I update my card details for the debit order? 

Have new card details? We keep it simple. Simply unsubscribe to the app and then re-subscribe to the app with the new updated card details. This straightforward process ensures that your payment information is always current, preventing any interruptions in service. 

5. How do I add dependents? 

After completing the sign-up process for the family subscription, you will have access to the Secura Family App and will be able to immediately share access with your loved ones. It’s quite easy for them to join. Your family simply needs to sign up with the cellphone number you have provided as a member, and instantly they will be able to open the app and enjoy the protection and peace of mind that Secura offers. 

Stay calm in an emergency knowing Secura's responders are the touch of a button away.

Want to Learn More About Our App? 

For more tips, insights and essential facts about Secura, visit our blog page and explore the 5 Great Features of the Secura App You Should Know blog. 

Here’s a quick overview of our app: 

  1. Transparent service with live-tracking of a dispatched responder. 
  2. Two categories (“Medical” and “Security”) to distinguish your immediate needs. 
  3. Test our responses with “Test” and “Real” options to become familiar with the process. 
  4. Store vital information in the app, from medical to contact details. 
  5. “Stand-by-me” option for roadside incidents, ensuring you’re never alone. 

At Secura, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.  

We hope you enjoyed our Secura Insights. Whether you’re a business or an individual, our comprehensive services and advanced app features ensure you have the protection you need, whenever and wherever you need it. From connecting you to hundreds of emergency responders at the click of a button to offering personalized follow-up services, we are dedicated to providing the best in client service. 

For more information make sure to explore our Secura 4U and Secura Business pages to familiarize yourself with all that Secura has to offer. 

Stay safe and secure with Secura. Your safety, our priority. 

The 5 Essential Tips for Handling Emergencies 

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Navigating Emergencies: Tips for Staying Safe and Calm 

Emergencies can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can navigate them with confidence. At Secura, we’re committed to providing transparent and efficient emergency services to ensure your safety and well-being.  

Here’s some tips to help you handle emergencies effectively: 

1. Utilize Technology  

In today’s digital age, help is often just a tap away. Apps like Secura can be lifesavers in emergencies, providing quick access to assistance at the touch of a button. Secura offers a transparent service with live-tracking of dispatched responders. Make sure to have the app downloaded on your smartphone and familiarize yourself with how it works.  

Once you’ve requested assistance through our app, you can track the location of our responders in real-time. Our operators will stay on the line with you, providing updates and reassurance until help arrives. This live-tracking feature ensures that you’re always informed and supported throughout the emergency.  

2. Choose Your Immediate Needs 

An emergency can encompass a wide range of situations, from medical emergencies to threats to personal safety or property. Being able to recognize the signs of an emergency is the first step towards effectively managing it.  

Our app categorizes emergencies into “Medical” and “Security” categories, allowing you to specify your most pressing needs. Whether you require medical attention or assistance with a security issue, Secura ensures that the appropriate response is dispatched promptly. With a nationwide network of response providers, we’re equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies efficiently. 

3. Being Ready and Staying Calm 

In the heat of the moment, panic can cloud judgment and hinder your ability to respond effectively. Remember to take a deep breath and stay calm. Assess the situation calmly and logically before taking any action. Keeping a clear head will help you make better decisions and handle the emergency more effectively.  

Secura understands the importance of preparedness in emergencies. That’s why we allow you to test our responses regularly through our app. With the toggle between “Test” and “Real” modes, you can simulate emergency situations to familiarize yourself with our services. Rest assured, our operators will still reach out to you during a test scenario to ensure your peace of mind. 

4. Prioritize Safety and Offer Help 

In any emergency, prioritizing safety is paramount. Your well-being should always come first. If you find yourself in immediate danger, focus on getting yourself to safety before anything else. Once you’ve ensured your own safety, you can then shift your attention to seeking further assistance or offering help to others if it’s safe to do so. 

If you’re able to help, whether it’s providing comfort to someone who’s injured or helping them evacuate a dangerous situation, your support can make a significant difference. However, it’s crucial to prioritize your own safety and well-being throughout the process. Assess the situation carefully and only help if you can do so without putting yourself at risk. 

By prioritizing safety and helping, when possible, you can play a vital role in navigating emergencies and ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and those around you. Remember, staying safe allows you to provide help effectively.  

5. Remember You Are Not Alone 

You don’t have to face an emergency alone. If you find yourself in a crisis, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Secura can ensure that you get the support you need quickly and efficiently.  

Even something like breaking down on the roadside can be a daunting experience, but Secura’s “Stand-by-me” service feature ensures that you’re never alone. Simply request assistance through our app, and our security team will respond to your location, providing support and reassurance until roadside assistance arrives. 

With Secura by your side, you can navigate emergencies with confidence. 

Bonus Tip! Use Secura To Store Critical Information 

In the event of an emergency, every second counts. That’s why Secura allows you to store vital information within our app for quick access by emergency services. From personal details and medical aid information to next of kin contacts and vehicle details, having this information readily available can streamline the response process and potentially save lives. 

Emergencies can be challenging, but with Secura you can face them head-on, knowing that in moments of panic, Secura is readily available can make all the difference. Download our app today and take proactive steps towards your safety and security. 

Secura: Integrated B2B Solutions for Tomorrow

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Empowering South Africa’s Future: Secura’s Integrated B2B Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world of business having access to reliable security and emergency response solutions is paramount. In South Africa’s dynamic business environment, ensuring the safety and security of employees and clients is not just a priority – it’s a necessity.  

At Secura, we are not merely a provider of security solutions; we are pioneers on a mission to redefine the very fabric of the nation’s security and emergency response industry. Our focus extends beyond business transactions; it encompasses a vision of collective prosperity and peace of mind for all. 

Secura’s Comprehensive B2B Offerings 

1. Secura API Solutions: 

Integrate Secura’s state-of-the-art technology and nationwide response network directly into your existing apps. Whether you’re a car company looking to enhance the safety features of your vehicles or a consulting firm aiming to bolster your client offerings, Secura’s API solutions empower you to provide seamless security and emergency response capabilities to your customers. 

2. Secura Employee Solution: 

With Secura for business, we go the extra mile to keep your employees safe with just the touch of a button. Our employee solution ensures that your workforce has access to premium security services, including immediate response to suspicious activities, medical emergencies, fire incidents, and even standby assistance in case of vehicle breakdowns. 

3. White-label Solutions:  

Expand your brand’s reach with Secura’s customizable white-label app solutions. Seamlessly utilise our advanced security and emergency response features in your own branded application, providing a tailored experience for your customers while enhancing your brand visibility and credibility. 

Integrated business solutions for employees and customers alike.

What Secura Offers 

In an unpredictable world, having reliable support and assistance during emergencies is invaluable. Secura offers a range of essential services designed to provide immediate aid and peace of mind in any situation:  

Security: Vigilant monitoring and immediate response to any suspicious activity or crime-related incidents. 

Medical: Rapid dispatch of the closest ambulance to the scene within minutes, ensuring timely medical assistance. 

Fire: Swift deployment of the fire department for any fire-related emergencies, minimizing potential damage. 

Stand-by-me Service: Offering peace of mind, we stay by your side if your vehicle breaks down until help arrives, ensuring your safety and security. 

The Driving Force Behind Secura 

At Secura, our mission is to revolutionize the security landscape in South Africa by delivering smart, scalable, and deeply disruptive B2B security technology. We are committed to making reliable security technology more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, catalyzing economic growth and social well-being. 

We aspire to become the backbone of South Africa’s emergency response industry, making Secura an indispensable part of the nation’s security and medical ecosystem. By providing cost-effective, premium emergency solutions and granting on-demand access to armed response and EMS services, we aim to elevate public peace of mind and safety standards across the country. 

Embracing the Future, Together 

We are spearheading a paradigm shift in South Africa’s security landscape by democratizing access to advanced B2B security solutions. We invite you to join hands with us in shaping the future. 

Why You Should Test the Secura App Today 

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Secura: Empowering Your Safety, Ensuring Peace of Mind

This month, we’re emphasizing the value of your monthly subscription. With Secura, you receive swift response to emergencies from professionals. No more searching for emergency numbers or waiting for someone to answer your call.

Test & Unlock the Power of Secura  

Ever wondered how Secura operates in real-life scenarios? Now’s your chance to experience it firsthand! We’ve been encouraging Secura users to test the app and witness its seamless functionality. While testing might seem daunting, we’ve tailored the process to ensure it’s both easy and insightful for you. 

Test & Unlock the Power of Secura

Not sure how to test Secura’s armed response? 

It’s a breeze: 

  • Download and subscribe to Secura
  • Open the Secura app. 
  • Toggle to “Test” (and not “Real”). 
  • Press and hold the SECURITY button. 
  • Get an immediate call from us during testing. Please make sure to let the call center know you’re testing the app when you answer!  
  • Rest assured, we won’t dispatch a responder right away during a test.  
  • That said, if you don’t answer, we’ll send a responder to your location as a precaution. 

Worried about accidental dispatch? 

Don’t be. During testing, we prioritize your peace of mind by calling you first and not immediately dispatching a responder unless it’s a real emergency. Additionally, you can cancel the call-out within the app and provide comment through the chat functionality that you are performing a test. 

Concerned about false alarms? 

Think of it like running drills for your home security system. Testing Secura ensures you’re familiar with its operation, so you’re prepared when an actual emergency arises. It’s important to note that tests must be for Security and NOT medical emergencies – medical dispatches are immediate, whereas security dispatches can be cancelled without cost. 

Empowering Your Safety, Ensuring Peace of Mind

Your Safety Is Our Priority 

Secura puts your safety first, providing you with the peace of mind that help is just a button press away. Your subscription ensures your safety and provides you with someone to call in an emergency, whether you need medical assistance or armed response. 

Don’t hesitate. Download Secura today and ensure you’re ready for any situation life throws your way. 

Ensuring the Safety of Your Loved Ones: A Guide to Secura’s Security Solutions 

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Understanding the Importance of Security 

In an era where safety concerns loom large, the need for reliable security measures to safeguard our loved ones and employees has never been more critical. Whether it’s the safety of our homes, workplaces, or even while on the move, having a comprehensive security solution is paramount.  

At Secura, we recognize that peace of mind is invaluable, and our mission is to ensure that you and your families and staff feel safe and secure. The world we live in today presents various threats and challenges, making security a top priority for individuals, families and businesses alike. From the increasing incidence of crime to unforeseen medical emergencies, the need for proactive security measures cannot be overstated.  

We understand the gravity of these concerns, and we’re committed to providing top-notch security services tailored to meet your needs. Let’s delve into how Secura can help keep you and yours safe. 

Secura’s Comprehensive Security Solutions 

Secura offers a wide range of security solutions designed to address various aspects of safety and protection. Our integrated approach combines cutting-edge technology with skilled professionals to deliver unparalleled security services.  

Here’s a glimpse into some of the solutions we provide: 

Armed Response: Our highly trained armed response teams are equipped to handle any security threat swiftly and effectively. Whether it’s a break-in, trespassing, suspicious activity, or security concerns our highly trained personnel are prepared to intervene promptly to ensure your safety and security. 

Medical Response: In addition to our security services, Secura also offers medical response assistance. Whether it’s a medical emergency at home or while on the go, our medical response teams are trained to provide immediate assistance and ensure that your loved ones receive the care they need without delay. 

Additional Responses: We seamlessly connect you to a nationwide network of top-tier private armed response, medical emergency, and roadside assistance services. Secura offers armed and medical response services, Stand-By-Me roadside assistance and fire department response can be swiftly notified and dispatched when required.   

App Functionality: Our user-friendly mobile app serves as a central hub for accessing Secura’s security services. With features like streamlined panic options, swift dispatch of the closest responder to your GPS location, real-time response tracking, and storage of critical personal information, the Secura app empowers users to stay safe and ensures swift response in times of need. 

White-label Options: Secura also provides white-label options for businesses looking to enhance their security offerings. Whether you’re a property management company, a retail establishment, or a corporate entity, our customizable solutions can be seamlessly integrated to complement your brand and enhance the safety of your employees, premises and even your clients.

A Guide to Secura's Security Solutions

Empowering Peace of Mind: Our Commitment to Your Safety  

At Secura, we’re committed to delivering peace of mind through our comprehensive security solutions. Whether it’s protecting your home, ensuring the safety of your loved ones, or safeguarding your business interests, you can trust Secura to be your reliable partner in security.  

Explore the flexibility of Secura, browse diverse subscription options for individuals, families and businesses. Either personalize your own security with individual subscriptions starting from just R49 per month, consider family plans from only R149 per month or contact us to find out more about protecting your business and employees with our comprehensive white-label business solutions

Together, let’s create a safer and more secure environment for all. 

Stay Active and Stay Safe with Secura in 2024 

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It’s Time For A New Year, New You. 

Welcome to the new year, where resolutions for a safer lifestyle take center stage. At Secura, we’re not just a security app – we’re your trusted guardian, committed to empowering you with the tools and support you need to ensure your security and peace of mind. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can enhance your personal safety and security in the new year with the assistance of the Secura app. 

Fitness Tips for a Safer You.

Incorporate these fitness tips into your routine, ensuring a healthier and safer lifestyle alongside the protection of the Secura app. 

Outdoor Activities: Engage in outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, or hiking. Share your location with loved ones during outdoor workouts for added safety and utilise Secura’s emergency features when needed. 

Personalized Workouts: While Secura primarily focuses on security, maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes to overall well-being. Personalize your fitness routine and update your profile with relevant information using the Secura app. 

Buddy System: Join forces with family members or friends using the Secura Family Package. Share fitness goals and support each other in staying active and secure. 

Emergency Preparedness: Stay fit with fitness tracking, while Secura ensures you’re well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances with its emergency response features.  

Ensuring Personal Security.

1. Family Security with Secura: 

The Secura Family Package is gaining popularity as the go-to security solution for families across the country. For only R149 per month, you can provide complete Secura coverage for up to 5 members. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or in different cities, our security solutions are designed to give your family an advantage over rising crime statistics. 

2. Individual Security Plans: 

Tailored for personal security, the Secura app is your companion 24/7 – at home, work, in the car, during travels and while you’re staying active. For only R49 per month, or choose from our 6- or 12-month subscription packages, you can have complete coverage. With the touch of a button, access over 280 responders, ensuring the closest armed responders are by your side within +-5 minutes.

Saty active. A group of people jump at sunrise.

Stay Active And Safe with Secura. 

How the App Works.

Once you’ve downloaded the Secura app, personalize your profile, add important details, and explore its features. From immediate security and medical responses to stand-by-me roadside assistance and fire department dispatch, Secura connects you to a nationwide network of services, covering all 9 provinces. 

App Personalization: In the app, update your profile with personal details, medical aid information, blood type, next of kin details, addresses, and vehicle information. 

Different Emergency Responses: The app offers immediate button options for security and medical responses, stand-by-me roadside assistance, and fire department dispatch. 

Nationwide Assistance: Secura connects you to a nationwide network of private armed response, medical emergency, and roadside assistance services, covering all 9 provinces. 

Faster Responses: With precise geographical coordinates, our advanced dispatch technology ensures the nearest available vehicle is sent to your location promptly. 

Transparent Service: Track dispatched responders in real-time via the app and stay connected with operators until emergency responders arrive. 

Explore More Features: Discover more about the app’s features in our previous blog: “5 Great Features of the Secura App You Should Know“.

Empowering Security and Peace of Mind.

Our mission is to empower you with the tools and support necessary to ensure your security and peace of mind while you stay active this year. From comprehensive family packages to individual solutions, Secura recognizes that everyone’s security needs are unique. Whether you prefer app stores or website offerings, we make our services accessible to all. 

Remember, Secura is more than just a security app; it’s a partnership built on trust and commitment. Accompany us on your journey towards a safer and more secure life. Your security and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. 

Stay protected, stay secure, and use Secura – Your trusted guardian. 

Secura’s Holiday Safety Guide: Enjoy the Festivities with Peace of Mind   

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Let Secura And Secura Traveller Be Your Trusted Guardians These Holidays. 

In the spirit of the holiday season, Secura accompanies you wherever you spend your holidays in South Africa, ensuring that your safety remains a top priority. As you embark on memorable adventures, from the vibrant cityscape of Cape Town to the wilderness of Kruger National Park and beyond, Secura and the Secura Traveller app are your trusted companions. 

9 Slices Showing South Africa's Diverse Landscapes

Exploring South Africa’s Diverse Landscapes.

  1. Cape Town – Ideal for a City Escape.  
    Nestled between the ocean and the iconic Table Mountain, Cape Town offers stunning views and a culturally enriching experience. Whether dining at the V&A Waterfront, touring Robben Island, or enjoying the waves at Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town is a perfect city getaway. 
  1. Kruger National Park – Perfect for Safaris.  
    Embark on the ultimate safari adventure in Kruger National Park. Witness the Big Five in their natural habitat and enjoy the immersive wildlife experience.  
  1. Stellenbosch – A Haven for Wine Enthusiasts.  
    Just under an hour from Cape Town, Stellenbosch is a paradise for wine lovers. Delight in tastings and vineyard explorations and consider extending your wine tour to nearby Paarl and Franschhoek.  
  1. Knysna – Premier Destination for Beach Lovers.  
    Immerse yourself in the coastal allure of Knysna along the Garden Route. Whether unwinding on pristine beaches or trekking scenic trails, enjoy a peaceful coastal retreat.  
  1. Namaqualand – Exquisite for Wildflower Enthusiasts.  
    Witness the marvel of Namaqualand’s wildflower season from late July to September. Explore the arid region confidently and immerse yourself in a vibrant display of colors.  
  1. Johannesburg – Rich in History.  
    Explore Johannesburg’s intricate past by visiting the Apartheid Museum and discovering Soweto. Gain valuable insights into the country’s heritage while navigating the historical and modern facets of this dynamic city.  
  1. Hermanus – Premier for Whale-Watching.  
    Explore the picturesque town of Hermanus, renowned for whale-watching. From June to November, witness southern right whales in Walker Bay, and enjoy local eatery spots overlooking the coastal beauty of Onrus and the broad Grotto Beach, overlooking Walker Bay.  
  1. Blyde River Canyon – Unmatched Panoramic Views.  
    Enhance your itinerary with the breathtaking Blyde River Canyon, known for its panoramic views and dramatic landscapes. Whether on a safari or canyon exploration, relish a memorable experience.  
  1. Drakensberg – Optimal for Hiking Enthusiasts.  
    Drakensberg, South Africa’s largest mountain range, is a haven for outdoor lovers. Explore rugged peaks, lush valleys, and ancient rock art for an unforgettable hiking paradise. 
Secura's Holiday Safety Guide with Secura Traveller

Secura and Secura Traveller: Your Ultimate Holiday Companions

Sign up for Secura’s Family or Individual Security Options, whether you’re celebrating with loved ones or embarking on solo adventures, Secura offers flexible consumer safety packages tailored to your specific needs or if you’re visiting South Africa empower yourself with Secura Traveller these holidays. 

  1. Mobile Safety Beyond Limits.  
    Secura Traveller ensures your safety 24/7, extending security beyond your home or office. Whether commuting, exploring, or going about your day, the app has you covered.  
  1. Autonomous Dispatch. 
    Activate the app for instant identification of your precise GPS location, dispatching the closest Armed Response vehicle swiftly to your aid. 
  1. Nationwide Response Network
    Benefit from a comprehensive nationwide response network through collaborations with leading private armed response companies.  
  1. Tailored App Experience. 
    Store critical information in one place for rapid access during emergencies. Personal details, medical aid information, and more can be relayed to emergency services when every second counts.  

Staying Safe and Secure During the Holidays

Your security is our top priority. Don’t compromise on safety; enjoy the festivities with peace of mind. For more information and to take the first step towards enhanced personal safety, visit our websites at or 

Wherever your South African holiday takes you, let Secura and Secura Traveller be your trusted guardians. Your security is just a click away. Enjoy the festivities with peace of mind! 

Revolutionizing Emergency Response: Introducing Secura Medical 

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Faster Emergency Response for More Effective Life-saving Interventions. 

In the critical moments of an emergency, time is of the essence. Every second counts, and it can make the difference between life and death. Secura Medical is at the forefront of transforming emergency response, streamlining the process to ensure a faster and more effective reaction that ultimately saves more lives. 

The Power of Partnerships: Elevating Emergency Medical Services

Secura Medical has forged partnerships with top-tier EMS (Emergency Medical Services) companies across South Africa. This strategic collaboration provides users with access to the highest level of care available. In times of crisis, having a network of reliable and superior-quality EMS providers is paramount to delivering swift and effective medical assistance. 

  1. Smart Technology for Swift Action   

One of Secura Medical’s standout features is its implementation of cutting-edge smart technology. The system autonomously dispatches the nearest medical responder to a user’s live GPS location, ensuring that help is on the way without unnecessary delays. This intelligent dispatch system significantly reduces response times, a crucial factor when every moment matters.   

  1. Sharing Vital Information for Informed Care   

In emergencies, information can be a lifesaver. Secura Medical ensures that vital medical information is seamlessly shared with both the responding medical personnel and the central control center. This information exchange empowers responders with crucial details about the user’s health status, allergies, and other critical data, enabling them to provide more targeted and informed care. 

  1. Precision Navigation for Enhanced Accuracy   

Secura Medical utilizes precise GPS location data to navigate response vehicles with accuracy. This not only ensures that help reaches the user quickly but also enhances the overall accuracy of the response. In high-stress situations, having pinpoint accuracy in navigation can be a game-changer, making the difference between a timely response and potential delays. 

  1. Impressive Fleet and Rapid Response Statistics     

Secura Medical boasts a fleet of 500+ response vehicles strategically positioned for rapid deployment. The average response time of approximately 12 minutes underscores the commitment to swift action. With 60+ response providers in the network, Secura Medical has created a robust and reliable system that leverages both technology and human resources to deliver unparalleled emergency medical services. 

Secura Medical provides peace of mind to families with elderly members.

Secura Medical also strives to providing peace of mind to families.

Secura seamlessly links South African senior citizens to a network of premier private EMS providers for immediate and efficient emergency medical intervention. As the unpredictability of accidents increases with age, ensuring the well-being of the elderly necessitates dependable medical emergency systems. Swift access to medical assistance can be crucial in critical moments. 

In times of crisis, your parents and grandparents can depend on this intelligent health technology, easily accessible with a simple button press on their mobile device. The user-friendly Secura application can be effortlessly installed on their smartphones through a quick and straightforward setup process, guaranteeing that reliable medical emergency services are just a tap away. 

Don’t compromise on your safety; empower yourself with the Secura app today.

Secura Medical is not just a provider of emergency response services; it’s a catalyst for change in the way we approach medical emergencies. By combining state-of-the-art technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to rapid response, Secura Medical stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring that in times of crisis, help is not just on the way—it’s on the way faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

For more information and to take the first step towards enhanced personal safety, visit our website at With Secura, you’re never alone, and your safety is our top priority!

Secura Traveller: Your Ultimate Companion for Personal Safety On-The-Go 

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A Cutting-edge Mobile Solution for Safety On-The-Go 

In today’s fast-paced world, personal safety is a concern that knows no boundaries. Secura Traveller, a cutting-edge mobile application, stands as your unwavering partner, providing access to the largest network of Private Armed Response in South Africa at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.  

Secura Traveller Ensuring Tourism Safety In South Africa 

We, at Secura have been very proud to be a big part of the roll-out of a solution for securing the safety of tourists. With the app South African Tourism aims to enhance both tourism safety and security, while also guaranteeing that a greater number of visitors leave South Africa with a favorable impression to share with their friends, family and on social media. 

Our very own Tourism Minister, Patricia de Lille was proud to announce the roll-out of the Secura Traveller app, solely dedicated to ensuring tourist safety nationally. “The app integrates affordable emergency medical responses, breakdowns and crime-related incident assistance,” said de Lille.  

De Lille commented in a recent video on the Tourism Business Council of South Africa Facebook page saying: “This is a major achievement illustrating the partnership between the public and the private sector”, she went on to say: “The operations center is very impressive. It just shows you that every decision you make today, you must overlay with technology”. 

Secura Traveller Ensuring Tourism Safety In South Africa 

Let’s delve into the 6 most remarkable benefits of Secura Traveller

Mobile Response Beyond Limits

Secura Traveller extends security beyond your home or office. Whether you’re commuting, exploring, or simply going about your day, our app ensures your safety 24/7, 365 days a year. No matter where you are in South Africa, we’ve got you covered.

Autonomous Dispatch for Swift Assistance

Our innovative technology is the backbone of Secura Traveller, offering autonomous dispatch capabilities. When you activate the app, it instantly identifies your precise GPS location and dispatches the closest Armed Response vehicle to your aid. This cutting-edge feature ensures that help arrives swiftly when you need it most.

Pinpoint Geo-Located Incidents

Secura Traveller takes response accuracy to the next level. The app guides the closest response vehicle directly to your exact live GPS location, ensuring a rapid and precise response, even in critical situations. Additionally, it offers Stand-By-Me roadside assistance and can swiftly dispatch fire department support when required.

Secura Traveller guides the closest response vehicle directly to your exact live GPS location.

Nationwide Response Network 

In collaboration with the nation’s leading Private Armed Response companies, Secura Traveller offers you a comprehensive nationwide response network. These partnerships ensure that you receive the highest standard of assistance no matter where you are in the country. 

State-of-the-Art Control Room 

Behind the scenes, our state-of-the-art control center plays a pivotal role. It oversees all activations and provides support when dispatching additional resources, including SAPS (South African Police Service) and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) if required. This comprehensive approach ensures that every emergency is handled with the utmost care and efficiency. 

Tailored App Experience

Store all your critical information in one place. When every second counts we can access your critical information with the app. Store your personal details, medical aid information, blood type, next of kin information, and more in the app. Operators can then relay this information to the emergency services during an emergency if needed.

Elderly tourist empowering himself with the Secura Traveller app.

Don’t compromise on your safety; empower yourself with the Secura Traveller app today.  

Your security is just a click away. For more information and to take the first step towards enhanced personal safety, visit our website at or reach out to us at  

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Anglo American Secure: A Secura White-Label Success 

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Secura App: Your Trusted Companion in Emergencies 

We take pride in our partnership with Anglo-American in South Africa, offering the Anglo-American Secure app-based emergency response service. Our offerings seamlessly integrate with Anglo-American’s existing systems, providing cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and private armed response measures.  

Empowering Anglo-American Employees with the Secure App  

Our mission is simple: when an emergency arises, app users can activate a panic call, prompting the dispatch of the nearest armed response or emergency service vehicle.  

Within the Anglo-American Secure app, users enjoy exclusive access to a specialized realm of security and safety services. This includes immediate access to private armed response teams, highly trained to swiftly address security concerns and emergencies, providing peace of mind, knowing that expert assistance is readily available when needed most. 

What distinguishes Secura and makes it uniquely suited for Anglo American staff is our dual capability. We not only excel at pinpointing geo-located incidents with pinpoint precision, thereby enhancing response accuracy, but we also employ cutting-edge machine-to-machine dispatch technology. This technology not only ensures the closest available vehicle is identified but is also tailored for Anglo-American staff, guaranteeing swifter assistance for our valued users. 

How The Anglo-American App Works. 

Experience the On-Demand Panic Service with Anglo-American Secure, ensuring immediate assistance during emergencies for their staff, no matter where or when you need it. When you activate the panic button, our responsive control room will promptly reach out to them, confirming the nature of their emergency and assuring themthat help is en-route.  

1. Anglo-American Secure employees can download the app on the app stores (Google Play, the App Store, and Huawei App Gallery). 

2. Navigate through the app’s user-friendly interface to access ‘About You’ in the menu. Here, you can effortlessly update your profile by adding essential information and critical details. 

3. After initiating an emergency request a dedicated operator ensures you remain informed every step of the way, providing constant updates and reassurance until the emergency responders reach your location. 

With the panic button, Anglo-American employees gain access to a vast fleet of armed response vehicles from various response providers, guaranteeing assistance from the nearest available resource when it matters most.  

The Anglo-American Secure App: Your All-in-One Solution  

The app provides a powerful solution for safeguarding Anglo-American families, whether at work, school, or on vacation. It offers an unmatched level of peace of mind, accessible at the touch of a button.  

Let’s touch on the top 5 features that empower Anglo-American employees:   

Tailored App Experience:  

Simply open the menu, navigate to ‘About You,’ and update your profile with personal information, medical details, blood type, next of kin contacts, physical addresses, and vehicle specifics. 

Diverse Emergency Solutions:  

The app provides various instant response options for both security and medical crises. Additionally, it offers Stand-By-Me roadside assistance and can swiftly dispatch fire department support when required. 

National Safety Network:  

We seamlessly connect you to a nationwide network of top-tier private armed response, medical emergency, and roadside assistance services. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple memberships; our coverage spans all nine provinces, ensuring comprehensive protection across the country. 

Rapid Response To Your Co-ordinates:  

Our app excels at prompt incident identification using precise geographic coordinates. Furthermore, our cutting-edge dispatch technology swiftly pinpoints the nearest available assistance vehicle to your location, ensuring speedy response times. 

Transparent Assistance:  

Once you request help, you can easily track the distance of our responders through live tracking on the app. Our operators remain on the line, providing real-time updates until the emergency responders arrive. 

Anglo American Secure

Embracing Anglo-American’s Commitment to Safety    

At Secura we recognize the importance of addressing safety concerns faced by all and are proud to partner with Anglo-American to provide the ultimate safety companion to all Anglo-American employees. We understand that safety concerns affect everyone, and our goal is to ensure that each Anglo-American employee feels empowered and protected. 

This comprehensive safety solution, enable us to stand united with Anglo-American in our shared mission to create a more secure environment for everyone. Together, we reinforce the importance of addressing safety concerns faced by all, fostering a culture of protection, unity, and empowerment. 

If you would like to learn more about Secura for business and our white-label solutions contact us to chat with a representative by completing a contact form or book a demo on our website today.